Whispers of The Old Gods

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    With the upcoming release of the new Hearthstone expansion we are going to be seeing a lot of reveal of cards, as well as the anticipation of what the new meta will become. So far a total of 16 cards have been revealed (http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/card-category/set/expansions/whispers-of-the-old-gods/) starting with the 3 forbidden ones that have been shown, they are extremely versatile. Forbbiden shaping, healing, and flame, can all be utilized in a multitutde of ways, I can already see these being used in almost every deck. I do like that forbbiden flame cannot hit heroes, that would be a really scary card then!


    The Beckoner of Evil and the Twilight Elder, are scarily good cards it seems, C'thun itself already is a good powerful card, but these two buff him even further, even if he is not on the field! These are definitely the signs of a strong C'Thun themed deck. The other cards revealed show signs of really good potential addition onto already existing decks, as well as prosperous for new decks. As we see more cards we shall definitely start seeing more theory crafting going. What cards are you excited about?