What is Hearthstone?

  • Hearthstone is a card game developed by Blizzard, the same company that created World of Warcraft! Due to this, the card game is World of Warcraft themed, but it is a very fun, simple game to play! You get to choose from one of nine deck heroes, then create your deck of 30 cards, and your goal is to reduce your opponents health to 0 from 30. Every time it is your turn you gain 1 mana crystal, up to a total of 10, your cards cost mana crystals, and every turn yours replenish, and you are given plus 1 (example you had 3 last turn, used all 3, or used 1-2, your next turn you have 4). This gives the game a sense of pacing, and it is fun for beginners and experts as well! I would definitely reccomend it!