Wait-!? Pokemon is a competitive online game!?

  •           So if you have been following the Game Time Media Video Gaming section, you would have noticed the tips, tricks, and normal things that happen within the competitive world of Pokemon the video game. I am sure this has come to a surprise to a lot of you, so I wanted to write this blog to get and really get into the nit and gritty of Pokemon. Let's sort of look at it from a Rock, Paper, Scissors sort of view, and let's all pretend none of us know what Pokemon are. Within this world, there are a species of 716 creatures that are used to battle one another in a sort of slightly nicer dog-fighting ring. So every Pokemon falls into either one or two of 18 categories (such as rock, paper, or scissors), each of these categories interact with another so that the player knows what will deal the most damage/be most effective to the other opposing Pokemon. So the easiest example of this would be Water types are super effective against Fire types. This is where things get a bit more complicated, when a move is super effective it deals 2.0X amount of damage, now let's say a Fire type tried fighting a Water type, he/she would deal 0.5X amount of damage, that's half damage. There are instances when a Pokemon can be two different types, such as Water/Fire, meaning certain moves can deal anywhere from 0.0X-4.0X amount of damage. The number of dealing damage, is based on the Pokemon's HP (Hit Points), Special Attack, Physical Attack, Special Defense, Physical Defense, Accuracy, and Speed! Certain statistics interact with another, such as how much Special Attack a Pokemon has will deal as much damage as the opposing Pokemon's Special Defense will block/reduce the damage of.
              So when an individual is going into the competitive scene of Pokemon, there are a few things they need to keep in mind. Which 6 Pokemon they wish to have on their team (6 is the maximum limit), what types, and what kind of party he/she wants. This is where a lot more variables come into account, with such a wide choice of what to pick, where does a person begin? Well, there is a lot of Meta-gaming involved, theories, and testing, when it comes to Pokemon parties. So let's say you wish to jump  from the video game to the compeitive game, you will need to decide a few things first. Whether or not you will do Single Pokemon Party Battles (1v1, max limit 3 pokemon to bring in), or Double Pokemon Party Battles (2v2, max limit 4 pokemon to bring in). Every online battle is clocked as well, this makes situations when you are choosing what move to make your pokemon do more tense. 
               We then get into the category of effects of Pokemon moves in battle, in a single battle scenario this is not as important, other than knowing what will cause a status effect (poison, paralyze, confusion, burn, and freeze), when it comes to Double battles, attacks such as Surf and Earthquake will deal damage to all pokemon on the field who is not the pokemon using said move (yes, even allies). This leads us to matching Pokemon together to fit their types and moves perfectly, this even applies to single battles. With a plethora of strategies an individual can use in the world of Pokemon, it is important to find matching Pokemon that work well together! For example, you would not want to have a Water type use surf, when your Fire type is on the field RIGHT next to it! This makes things... a bit, difficult for yourself. However, in Single Battles, there are moves which increase a Pokemon's statistics in battle, and others that allow that to be transferred over to a Pokemon still in your party (not in current use). There are then held items, every Pokemon can hold an item that will be useful in battle, so it is best to match your team, party statistics, party type combinations, and held items, all at the same time! It makes for a lot of interesting combinations. The final step is to find the gameplay guidelines for the tournament you wish to enter, and create and train your competitive team for a tournament!  So to answer the question "Wait what!? Pokemon is a competitive game?!" the asnwer is, the amount of work that goes into creating a competitive team takes lots and lots of research, man hours, and creativity! If you want to learn more read some of these!




    Written by: Elvin Natal Quinones