Gear Up! Always protect yourself when enjoying ATV riding.

  • Before gearing up for your ATV sport, wear the proper ATV Gears for safety measures.

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the U.S., out of ten people hospitalized every year as a result of ATV misuse, four patients are under the age 16. In fact last 1993 the Department of Health estimates 50 people were seriously wounded from utility ATV related accidents, without including accidents unrelated to agriculture.

    Why are there so many ATV related accidents? Because aside from using the ATV as a utility vehicle, most ATVs serve another purpose too which is recreation. And ATV misuse is the prime factor for all these accidents. But quite contrarily though, sport ATVs has lesser number of accidents since most ATV drivers are professionals who play by the rules. Don't add to the accident percentage. Use your common sense and have fun responsibly. Wear the right ATV gears for safety.

    Body Protection

    Normally a full complement of body protection is worn especially if you are racing with ATVs. A set of ATV gear should include a helmet, goggles, body suit, gloves and boots. And since racing with ATVs are done in rough terrain, and most of these terrains are treacherous especially if you are not careful, it would never hurt to have every bit of protection you can get. Even loose earth flying around can get to an unprotected eye and blind you if you are not wary enough.

    While there are ATV suits available on the market, long sleeve jacket and long tight pants are suffice for body protection. Just don't wear fabrics that easily snags with lying debris. Don't forget to wear gloves and boots. Also, it wouldn't hurt if you wear shin guards or padded clothing.

    Head Protection

    This is the most important safety ATV gear, not only in ATV but in other sports as well since the helmet prevents fatal head injuries. It is imperative too that the helmets used should at least be designed for ATV use since it would include a proper face protection. These face protectors aside from protection against vehicle crashes can also protect your face from flying debris, which is bound to happen a lot especially if you are racing with ATVs.

    Eye Protection

    Most ATV helmets have eye protection afforded by the face helmets. But if in case eye protections aren't available, you can also opt to wear a pair of goggles or glasses with hard lenses. And make sure the lenses are extra hard or they will shatter if hit by a loose stone.